• Image of Big Brother
  • Image of Big Brother
  • Image of Big Brother

I remember reading George Orwell's masterpiece in High School, and subsequently having read it many times afterwards, and the one prevalent thought at the time was one of utter disbelief. Granted, having grown up during the cold war I always imagined the Soviet to have resembled something akin to what Orwell was describing, but I never would have thought that our so called free world was or has tuned into 1984.

With that, this t-shirt is long over due.
The back is pretty is obvious, the front chest print is the amended IngSoc logo from the original '1984' movie - IngSoc being the is the political ideology of the totalitarian government of Oceania.
Clearly, this is all done with a huge sense of irony, but one that in a way wants to draw attention the current status quo in which we have all found ourselves.

With that, same deal as always.

On Stock, ships immediately.

Screen Printed in the UK.

It's a 200gsm black made in Europe tagless T-Shirt and the sizes are run from S to 2XL

Size Chest (to fit):
S - 34/36" // M - 38/40" // L - 42/44" // XL - 46/48" // XXL - 50/52"

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