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I’m not a Satanist. I’m not a Christian either, despite, or because i was raised Roman Catholic. I’m not even spiritual, not in the slightest and if you wanted to pigeon-hole me (i don’t) you’d call me a radical atheist. I don’t care much about these definitions, there are more important issues than whose angry bearded man, who hates you but loves (you dirty sado-masochistic bugger you) in the sky has the biggest dick. Nonetheless, and since “faith” and the subsequent born-into tribe is such a loaded subject, here’s my two cents about this “piece”. Rationally, historically and humanistically, i whole heartedly reject the institution of the christian church. it’s morally, ethically, sexually and humanly bankrupt. i’m not here to give you a history lesson, but if you disagree, please, don’t comment but read a few books first. Secondly, one of the biggest influences of my youth was black and death metal, to a certain degree it still is. it’s a powerful symbol, especially here in europe and i’d imagine in north america also, albeit not in the nonsensical religious sense. In the sense of the complete rejection of the influence the church has had had, and still has on our society, it’s patriarchal, sexist, racist and fascist sway over our governments when, at least here in germany, over the 70% of the nation consider themselves not to be religious. It’s a rejection of its history, it’s violence and systematic oppression.

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Ladies, if you are wondering how these fit you, so far the size Small has worked wonders. I am terrible a gauging these things for you but based on the past, SMALL seems to work really well for you most Comrades.

Screen Printed in the UK on a 200gsm black, "Made in Europe" tagless T-Shirt and the sizes are run from S to 2XL

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