• Image of PC Slugger
  • Image of PC Slugger

You know, when you really want to get your political correct point across at your kids' next ball game...ahem.

You are looking at a matte black 24 inch aluminum baseball bat, or slugger. Perfectly fits in your car, net to your door frame and so on. Just remember to always carry a set of gloves with you, you know.

It handles really well thanks to a high end rubber grip and feels perfectly balanced. It comes with industrially plotted and added white black lodges branding.

With that, as with all other stuff I make, this is a pre-order that starts today, Wednesday, 27th of September and ends Sunday October 1st and I will ship everything from Hamburg Germany by October 17th. Shipping, depending on where you live usually takes between 2-10 business days.

Global shipping.

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